Check back to see outstanding examples of work created by students using Media and Technology:

1st Grade:

Small Moments Stories: Students in Ms. Kelley's class wrote original stories. They used Photostory to create and narrate a movie, using the motion tool to draw attention to important features of their illustrations.

Skootrs by Darren

My Trip to Dig Dug by Will

2nd Grade:

How Communities Change Over Time: Students from Mrs. Ivarsson's class used streaming video from United Streaming to gather information and then used Inspiration and Powerpoint to create this web page about how communities change over time and how Apex has changed. (This file was created and saved using Microsoft Powerpoint. It is very large and will take a moment or two to load).

3rd Grade:

Cycles of the Earth, Sun, and Moon: Students in Mrs. Moonan's class learned about cycles of the moon. They created slides in Microsoft powerpoint to animate the cycles and the narrated each one using Photostory. We think the results are, well, out of this world.

Solar Eclipse

Phases of the Moon

Lunar Eclipse

Cycle of the Seasons

4th Grade
Book Club Voicethreads

Test Upload